The ITACA Cortium is composed of 7partners, including :

a) The Services of Cardiac Electrophysiology of six Universitary Clinical Hospitals of the Autonomous Community of Madrid (CAM):

  • Hospital La Paz (HLP). Director: Dr. José Luis López-Sendón
  • Hospital San Carlos (HCSC) . Director: Dr. Julian Villacastín
  • Hospital Puerta de Hierro (HPH) . Director: Jorge Toquero
  • Hospital Ramón y Cajal (HRyC) . Director: Antonio Hernández
  • Hospital 12 de Octubre (H12O) . Director: Dr. Fernando Arribas
  • Hospital Universitario de Getafe (HUG) . Director: Francisco Garcia-Cosio

b) Two groups of Basic Research:

  • The laboratory of Cellular Cardiac Electrophysiology of the Department of Pharmacology in the School of Medicine of the University Complutense of Madrid. Director: Dr. Juan Tamargo
  • The laboratory of Genetics of Cardiac Arrhythmias of the Cardiovascular Institute of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos of Madrid. Director: Dr. Antonio Lóez-Farré.


Project organization. The ITACA organigram is shown in Figure 1

The Coordinator of the Consortium acting as an intermediary between the parties and the CAM is Juan Tamargo.

The Executive Committee as the decision-making body of the Consortium is composed of each of the Main Investigators. It is in charge of initiation and coordination of the activities.

Scientific Committee is composed by two representatives from each group: the main investigator and other member designated for that purpose by each group

The Project Office composed of the Coordinator and the Project Management Assistant (Mrs. Paloma Vaquero) will perform the technical and the administrative coordination of the Project at the Department of Pharmacology in the School of Medicine of the University Complutense of Madrid .

Biobank Committee is composed by the Scientific Director of the Biobank (Dr. Eva Delpón), the Technical Director (Dr. Ricardo Caballero) responsible for the technical aspects of quality management and quality and a Technical Committee technical committee composed of all main investigators and the coordinator of the Consortium.

Registry Committee .The Registry of patients with genetically determined cardiac arrhythmias diagnosed in the hospitals of the Consortium will be under the supervision of Dr. Fernando Arribas (H12O). The registry will be under the supervision of a Committeee composed of the main investigators of the Clinical Groups and the Coordinator of the Consortium

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