Training Plan  
ITACA researchers training

One of the aims of the ITACA is to promote the training of the basic and clinical researchers of the Consortium in the area of inherited arrhythmogenic syndromes caused by genetic defects in the genes encoding the cardiac ion channels (channelophathies).

This training will be based on:

•  Conducting research projects leading to the Doctoral Thesis and the Ph.D. degree of the pre-doctoral students

•  Teaching in the corresponding Postgraduate Degrees of the Universities Complutense, Autonomous, Alcalá de Henares and Alfonso X El Sabio University of Madrid

•  Training of physicians specialists in cardiology and with a particular interest in cardial electrophysiology and arrhythmias

•  Participation and collaboration in the National Cardiovascular Research Network supported by the Institute Carlos III

•  Seminars on specific topics given by the members of Cardiology Departments of the Hospitals of the Consortium and the members of the basic research groups

•  P articipation in panel discussions on the subject of the Consortium organized in the National Congress of Cardiology and/or Pharmacology

•  Mobility assistant and formative stays for researchers of the consortium in basic and clinical research centres.


Performing doctoral thesis

All the groups of the Consortium have University status and a long tradition in the Pre-doctoral research training leading to the PhD dissertation and the PhD and research Master's Degrees. We believe that the collaboration between clinical and experimental researchers can offer an excellent opportunity to improve the quality and to strength the scientific collaboration among the groups of the ITACA Consortium.

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Teaching University Postgraduate degrees

The majority of the researchers of the Consortium are University lecturers and participate, not only in the Pregraduate courses, but also in the Postgraduate training, Masters and Degrees of the respective Universities, teaching topics related with Molecular Biology, Genetics, Pharmacology and Cardiology. This training activity is not directly funded by the Consortium, since this is actually regulated by each University in their respective teaching programs that have been previously approved by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA).

The masters and Pre-Doctoral Courses where the the results of the ITACA Cobnsortium are presented and discussed are presented below

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Therapeutic targets in heart disease. Master's Degree in Pharmacological Research
New Pharmacological Targets and Nanomedicine. Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences


Therapeutic targets in heart disease. Master's Degree in Pharmacological Research
Cardiac Pharmacology. Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences
Practical Clinical Electrocardiography. Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences
Basic Methodology in Clinical Research. Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences
Vascular Risk Prevention. Specialist degree (Títulos propios) from the Complutense Univ.
Magister Cardio-Renal. Specialist degree (Títulos propios) from the Complutense University
XXIV Course in arrhythmias and clinical electrophysiology


Training of physicians and cardiology specialists, and arrhythmologists

The consortium also aims to train physicians, specialists or not, in cardiology and arrhythmology, in the area of channelopathies and genetic arrhythmias. Three member groups of the consortium give well-stablished courses directed to health care physicians, specialists or not in cardiology, and cardiologists.
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XXV Course on Clinical Arrhythmias and Clinical Electrophysiology. "The Cardiac Arrhythmias 25 years later." University Hospital of Getafe
Course (Webinar). Cardioversion of AF when, for whom and how? Supported by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC )
XV Course on Clinical cardiac electrocardiography. Basic Level "Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias". University Clinical Hospital San Carlos and Cardiovascular Institute.
XVI Course on Clinical Electrocardiography. Advanced Level for specialists. University Clinical Hospital San Carlos and Cardiovascular Institute


Clinical Electrocardiography Course. Clínico San Carlos University Hospital
XXIV Clinical Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Course. " Arrhythmia and sudden death ." Getafe University Hospital
Current Controversies in Arrhythmology IV 2012. Arrhythmia Unit, Ramón y Cajal University Hospital tal

Training of hired employees with charge to the project.

Hosting groups maintain their commitment with the training in their respective professional competences of members who are hired.